Vancouver’s Farnaz Ohadi turns a turbulent journey from Iran to Canada into an album of empowerment for women

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October 1, 8PM, at the BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts

2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver

Tickets: $35/$45

Tickets available at:  / 604.990.7810

At 42, Vancouver based Persian Flamenco singer Farnaz Ohadi is releasing her debut album – a culmination of her turbulent life experience from Iran to North America and a riveting message of resilience and empowerment for women.

A central, respected figure in the Vancouver flamenco scene, she now translates her life story

through a blend of Flamenco rhythm and musicality and Persian poetry.

Her distinctive voice has been described as a blend between the tones of the late Cesaria Evora and the melodic power of La Paquera de Jerez.

With esteemed Flamenco guitarist Liron Man as her musical director/composer, Farnaz spent 2015 producing Bird Dance, a debut album that features an intoxicating blend of rhythms and world instrumentation from both Flamenco and Persian traditions, combined with deep, soul-drenched vocals and lyrics that recount Farnaz’s life story in song.

The opening number, the title track, conveys the repression of women artists in Iran and features lyrics that build on the metaphor of the caged bird yearning to sing. From here, the album takes the listener through a story arc – a journey of spiritual conflict and resolution, of unimaginable revelations, of relocating to a foreign land, of the hope needed to move forward, and of the joy in building a new life while looking back with pride.

Farnaz sings with defiance and passion as she declares her love for her cultural roots and her intentions to dignify them in the only way she knows how: through music.

The featured artists include Man (Isreal), renowned percussionist Davide Sampaolo (Italy), Flamenco bassist Josué Ronkio (Spain), kamanche master Mark Eliyahuand (Isreal), santour player Sadaf Amini (Toronto), and Vancouver musicians Ali Razmi on tar, setar and backup vocals and Hamin Honari on tombak and daf.

With the release of Bird Dance, Farnaz is realizing an artistic vision several decades in the making – a journey that has taken her from loneliness, isolation and spiritual questioning to joy, empowerment, authenticity and sisterhood. She is finally free to sing – and her career is sure to soar.

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