After having worked with more than a dozen publicists over the past decade, I have to say that Heather Kitching stands above them all. She is creative, thorough, intimately familiar with all media, and has a manner that makes them WANT to pay attention to her.  … Heather put the Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMAs) onto the national media better than we even hoped, with solid coverage from coast to coast. From the opening press conference, to the media kit, to the follow through in every provincial market–before and after our event–Heather excelled. We can’t wait to work with her again.

Grit Laskin, President, Canadian Folk Music Awards

Heather Kitching is the very model of a publicist- smart, connected and diligent. When Heather is on the case I know that no stone will be left unturned, no possibility ignored and no calls not made. She combines artistic sensibility with marketing ability- the necessary combination for the promotion of music that does not sell itself.

Gary Cristall, artist manager  (Veda Hille, Maryem Tollar, The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and others)

For a relatively unknown group on the Canadian music scene, Heather managed to coordinate an outstanding publicity campaign that spanned several mediums, single-handedly generating a massive boost in the group’s profile across Canada! As well as being extremely professional, thorough and efficient in her work, Heather is warm, down-to-earth and personally wonderful to work with –  we would have no hesitation in placing any future Canadian tour in her capable hands.”

Coco’s Lunch, Australian a cappella quintet

When I had the good fortune of working with Heather as artist manager during Rokia Traore’s Canadian tour in 2002, we were all impressed with her professional skill  that got the results (I have never seen so many cover stories for a relatively new artist!) . But Heather also has the gift of great humanity as well, so we all felt we had a friend and ally working with us.

  Deborah Cohen, North American manager, Rokia Traoré / European agent, IMN World

Without Heather Kitching our tour would not have made an impact. Heather was able to create a media campaign that led to a successful tour. She is very organized and was able to set up relevant interviews and put Tasa into the mainstream press. She is a hard worker and offers friendly and efficient service. I’ll definately be hiring her again.

Ravi Naimpally, Tasa

If you are interested in knowing what a good publicist can do, look no further than Heather Kitching – her work is impeccable! Highly recommended!

Heidi Fleming, Fleming Artist Management